ūüĒ• Quick Hacks for Logic Pro X Ep. 3 - Bus Routing/Bussing in Logic Pro X Explained in 5 min!

Welcome back to the Quick Hacks for Logic Pro X series, Ep. 3 - Bus Routing/Bussing in Logic Pro X Explained in 5 min!. - These short logic pro x tutorials are designed to help the everyday beat-maker/ music producer concerns/issues with logic.  if you something plagues you in Logic, leave a comment/suggestion for a new quick hack logic tutorial.

There are a couple ways to use bussing in logic pro x, you can either use the output on a channel strip or the sends function. The output bussing option will allow you to route the entire instruments sound into an aux channel versus the sends option which allows you to send only part of the sound from the instrument into an auxiliary channel strip. This way you can determine how much of the effect plugin you'd actually like to use.

Using bussing or bus routing can also help you lower CPU usage, which is a great benefit to beat makers or music producers who might be using a mac with i3 or i5 processors. Is logic giving you an error message "CPU overload" or "System overload? this is a great technique to overcome this problem.


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