Riding Trend Waves

How can music producers and beat makers capitalize on trend waves? 

First off, what is a trend wave? 

A new trend that is popular for a period of time on the internet or the media in general. It could be something like a fad, which is defined as "an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object's qualities; a craze."

How can a beat maker or music producer capitalize on such a trend wave?

For instance, Meek Mills's release from jail was a pretty big thing on the news and on all other social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. A lot of beat makers and music producers, as well as media outlets that are reporting on the culture were going to take this opportunity to post stuff on the net that relates to this topic. 

I'm going to list some strategies below that you as a music producer or beat maker could use to capitalize on this subject for example. (it doesn't need to be a rapper being from jail necessarily, but I'm just using this subject as an example)

The "type beat" game has been exploding for the last decade on youtube, and you can use this to your advantage by posting "Meek Mill type beats" on youtube. With his release, guaranteed there will be an up rise in this search term "Meek Mill type beats / Meek Mill type instrumental" - take some time listening to recent releases by Meek Mill and try emulating this sound. It doesn't have to be exactly like other producers beats, put your own flip on things and take it to a whole new level. But generally, keep in mind that you are making this beat for Meek Mill and he'd want to get on this beat. - The top beat for the search term "Meek Mill type beat" has over 700 thousand views! That's an incredible amount of exposure!

Here a few more search terms on this topic that will get you more exposure, use them in your YouTube video title, and tags:

  • Meek Mill type beat 2019
  • Meek Mill type instrumental 2019
  • Meek Mill type beat
  • Meek Mill type beat free
  • Meek Mill type beat free 2019
  • Meek Mill beat
  • Meek Mill beats


If you need more ideas for search terms, try out Google Trends - it's an awesome way to see what search terms are getting the most hits.

Look at hashtags that are trending and put them in your posts! - For this topic, I'd use hashtags like #freemeekmill #meekmill etc.

There is an awesome tool called top-hashtags that will allow you to see trending and useful hashtags