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In this video, I will show you how you can upload your beats and instrumentals to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, amazon music, google play and more and start collecting streaming royalties with direct payment to PayPal!

*Free Photoshop* for your artwork

*Submit music/beats to Spotify playlists - get more exposure! Check Out Links Below*

#1 - Spotify Community Playlist Exchange - https://community.spotify.com/t5/Playlist-Exchange/bd-p/moodplaylists - here you can link with others that already have playlists going, learn how to create your own Spotify playlists and start exchanging/submitting songs/beats to each other's playlists.

#2 - https://soundplate.com/beats-only-spotify-playlist-submit-music-here/

#3 - https://soundplate.com/5-chillhop-beats-spotify-playlists-you-can-submit-your-music-to-for-free/

#4 - https://playlistpush.com/artists/

#5 - https://imusiciandigital.com/en/blog/spotify-best-practices-get-music-spotify-playlists-part-2/

#6 - https://workhardplaylisthard.com/island-beats-music-submissions

#7 - https://soundplate.com/in-trap-we-trust-spotify-submit-music-here/

#8 - https://soundplate.com/in-trap-we-trust-spotify-submit-music-here/

#9 - https://www.droptrack.com/spotify-playlist-curators/

#10 - https://www.droptrack.com/trap-blogs-accepting-music-submissions/

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