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How do I submit my beats or songs for review?

  • The first step would be to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
    • Make sure you hit that bell button to turn all notifications on - that way you'll get notified when we go Live!
  • The second step would be to follow our Instagram account.
    • This way you'll get notified in advance of any upcoming live music reviews. That allows you to get your material in order prior to the beginning on the live stream.
  • The third step is to prepare your material prior to the live stream and get it ready to send in at the beginning of the show.
    • Sending your material at the beginning of the show gives you a better chance to get your material heard and reviewed.
    • We get a huge amount of submissions every time we go live. So it's a good idea to send your material in early enough before the rush.
    • You can also skip the line with a Super Chat submission of $2.99 or more. We sincerely appreciate the donations!
    • Not to worry, we balance free and Super Chat submissions to give everyone a fair chance to get heard and reviewed.
  • The email address to send your material to will always be made available at the beginning of the live stream.
    • The email address might change because our inboxes get filled so quickly. We want to give everyone a fair chance, so inboxes get cleaned out prior to the beginning of every live stream.

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