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Late Night - Sample Loops Kit

Regular price $ 29.99

SayQuizzy is back with another Loop Kit - Late Night. Consisting of 25 Loops, and an additional Bonus Midi and One Shot Kit. Let these Loops inspire your next hits! SayQuizzy is an up and coming producer that currently has credits with artists like Swae Lee, Justin Rarri, Lil Tjay, Skinnyfromthe9, and others.

What you get with this loop kit:

25 - High-Quality WAV Loops

  • BPM for each loop
  • Key of each loop
  • 470 MB unzipped
  • Bonus One Shots
  • Bonus Midi 

Listen to a preview:

What DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) can I use this product with?



Are these sounds royalty-free?

 ●  Major Label Placements​​: If you place a beat/song on a major label using any of our sample(s), loop or midi packs ​(drum samples excluded)​, a fair publishing split with SayQuizzy is required, in addition to a production or co-production credit which should be labeled as "Produced by SayQuizzy" or "Co-Produced SayQuizzy" please contact sayquizzybeats@gmail.com​​ for further details.

●  Non-Major/Indie Label Placements​​: If you place a beat/song on a non-major/indie label using any of our sample, loop or midi packs no production credit or publishing splits are required.

●  Sample Clearances:​​ Do not worry about sample clearances if you use any of our packs, all sample, loop or midi packs at freakquincy.com are all original productions.

●  If you are still uncertain about your situation, you can always use the contact us form on f​ reakquincy.com​ to ask questions

What if I'm not satisfied with the order?

 ● Send us a message using the 'contact us' button on ​https://freakquincy.com​ and we'll swap out any other product of equal or lesser value on the site.
How will I receive the sounds I purchased?

● You'll be provided with a download link right after purchase. In addition, we send you a confirmation email with your download link so you can download it later if you want.

What can I use to purchase your sounds?

● You can pay with any major credit/debit card and or PayPal account via our PayPal express checkout.

Do you provide support for your products?

● Yes, you can send us a support email 24/7 using the 'contact us' button on the bottom right of the page of ​https://freakquincy.com​ . We will be sure to get back to you within 24 hrs.