Lucid Loops Vol. 1 - Sample Loops, Stems & Midi Kit


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Lucid Loops Vol. 1 - Sample Loops, Stems & Midi Kit
Lucid Loops Vol. 1 - Sample Loops, Stems & Midi Kit
Lucid Loops Vol. 1 - Sample Loops, Stems & Midi Kit
Lucid Loops Vol. 1 - Sample Loops, Stems & Midi Kit
Up and coming artist/producer Lucid Dreams released his second installment of kits - Lucid Loops Vol. 1 - Inspired by artists like Tory Lanez, Travis Scott, Drake and many more, this sample loops, stems and midi kit is what you need to get your inspiration sparked up again!

What you get with this kit:

10 Sample Loops (full song length and arrangement - super cheat! just add drums)
  • BPM of each sample
  • Midi used to compose each sample - great for layering with your own sounds!
  • Tracked out stems for manipulation of each instrument

10 Bonus Drum Loops!

Over 1.7 GB unzipped

Listen to a preview here:

 Are these sounds royalty free? 

  • Sample Packs ensures that Master Clearance Guaranteed:
    Meaning, if you place a record on a MAJOR LABEL using the sample(s), you will split the publishing (and royalties + points) with Kali Dosantos fairly & Co-Production credit + applicable producer fee (label responsibility) (CONTACT: Kali at if this is the case). NO sample clearing hassles at all. If the sample(s) are used on any NON MAJOR LABEL platforms, you can do anything you'd like with them (upload to Soundcloud, sell the beat to indy artist, include on beat-tape, etc etc).

What if I'm not satisfied with the order?

  • Send us a message using the 'contact us' button and we'll swap out any other product of equal or lesser value on the site.

How will I receive the sounds I purchased?

  • You'll be provided with a download link right after purchase. In addition, we send you a confirmation email with your download link so you can download it later if you want.

What can I use to purchase your sounds?

  • You can pay with any major credit/debit card and or PayPal account via our PayPal express checkout.

    Do you provide support for your products?

    • Yes, you can send us a support email 24/7 using the 'contact us' button on the bottom right of the page. We will be sure to get back to you within 24 hrs.

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